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Benefits of Online Therapy

The Mind Tab aims to use the rapidly evolving technology to improve one’s mental well-being. Online therapy is more convenient, affordable, and accessible, even in the remotest areas of the world. 

Means to understand what therapy is

Many are not familiar with the practice of psychotherapy in India. The mind tab provides an opportunity to explore what psychotherapy entails from the comfort of your home. It also reduces the anxiety around stepping into a therapist’s office without knowing what to expect.


Panning an in-person therapy sessions might be limited by rigid work/school timings. When it comes to online therapy, you can schedule a session during your break times at office, school, or when your child goes for a short play-break in the evening.

It is convenient to have therapy on the go

The hassle of traveling back and forth from the therapist’s office can be avoided, leaving one with more time. You do not have to miss therapy sessions while traveling or when on vacation!


Let us be honest. Staying in your pyjamas and speaking about your concerns from the comfort of your home can be soothing. It is important that people in therapy feel less anxious and at ease while participating in the process. So online therapy is a great option to actively work on yourself while being in a comfortable space. 


In India, there are just 0.07 psychologists per 1,00,000 people (National Mental Health Survey, 2016). The Mind Tab is determined to bridge the gap between those looking for quality care and passionate, qualified mental health professionals looking to extend their services. The online nature of therapy ensures qualitative care, especially for those who do not have access to competent, ethical, and available therapists in their cities. 

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