Online Therapy

Online Therapy

It is unbelievable what all a single phone can achieve. Smartphone owners aged 18 to 24 send 2,022 texts per month on average and receive 1,831 (Experian). Young adults are reaching out more through texts as they find it comfortable, safe, and familiar. So, we want to make sure there is a qualified professional at […]

Online Therapy at The Mind Tab can be useful if you are looking for a safe space to talk about your distress and work towards your overall well-being. Online therapy, on average, is as effective as face-to-face therapy (Journal of Technology in Human Services). It can provide quality mental health care without the fear of […]

The Mind Tab aims to use the rapidly evolving technology to improve one’s mental well-being. Online therapy is more convenient, affordable, and accessible, even in the remotest areas of the world.  Means to understand what therapy is Many are not familiar with the practice of psychotherapy in India. The mind tab provides an opportunity to […]

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