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You will be contacted by your therapist during your available timings. 

The brief call helps you and the therapist decide if you would be a good fit for each other.  The call also gives you the space to ask any questions that you might have about the therapy process. If the therapist feels like a good fit, you can go ahead and secure your slot with them to begin therapy.

Few questions you can ask your therapist:

1) Have you worked with (your concern, ex: trauma) before?

2) What therapeutic approach do you use?

3) Could you please explain that approach to me?

4) Could you please explain what a sliding scale is and how would you determine my fee?

Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have. 

The number of therapy sessions depends on the complexity of your concerns, the commitment you show, and the rate at which you progress. It is essential to understand that therapy is not a quick and magical fix to problems. Few might benefit from a few sessions, whereas others find it helpful to stay in therapy for months or years. If you have long-lasting and complex concerns, spending a considerable amount of time in therapy can be extremely beneficial.

During the first few sessions, the therapist might be able to suggest a rough number of sessions needed to gain long-term benefits. 

Please feel free to talk to your therapist if you have any further questions regarding the length of therapy.

The first few therapy sessions (usually 1-2) are spent understanding your concerns better. This might involve gathering information about your symptoms, relationships, childhood, lifestyle, past traumas, and so on. 

The therapist then works with you to create goals from therapy. These goals can be altered at any time to match your changing needs. 

We take confidentiality very seriously. The information you provide to us through this website is well protected and seen only by one admin staff member who is highly trained around confidentiality matters. This information is then allocated to your therapist. Any information you provide to the therapist remains between you, your therapist, and your therapist’s supervisor. Confidentiality is only breached when you or people you know are in a life-threatening situation. If you choose the chat mode, please be informed that your chats are immediately deleted by your therapist. Recording phone or video calls is strictly against our policies.

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