Groups and Workshops

Let’s Talk Mental Health

Group type: Discussion & support & psychoeducational group

When and Where? Timings to be disclosed soon

Duration: 60 mins, once a week

Who can join? Anyone

Group type: Open group

Screening: Not required

Fee: Free of cost

Description: The group aims to create the much needed space to talk about mental health and debunk any myths that people might carry. It strives to create a compassionate and non-judgmental space where one can share their mental health stories. Support from people who are on the same boat can be profoundly helpful. The first 15 minutes of the group is dedicated to psychoeducation. This is followed by 45 minutes of discussions on mental health topics. The topic of discussions can be decided by the group members.
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LGBTQ+ Support Group

Group type: Support group

When and Where? Every Thursday, 9:30 pm on Zoom

Duration: once a week for 60 mins

Who can join? People who identify as queer 

Group type: Open group

Screening: Required

Fee: Free of Cost 

Group Facilitator: Sunanda Jalote (She/her, They/Them)

Description: Despite decriminalization, many LGBTQ+ folks do not have a safe space where they have unconditional support, can be their authentic selves and have those selves validated. This group aims to create such a space, to bring together people with shared, yet unique experiences.
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Please click on the join now button above and fill in the required details. If no screening is required for the group, you will directly receive the confirmation email within 24-hours, consisting of the payment and session links. If screening is required, you will receive a short-form to fill up through your email, within 24-hours. Once your admission into the group is confirmed, you will receive the session and payment links. 

Open groups: New members are allowed to join anytime (provided there is space)

Closed groups: The same members start the group together. New members are taken only in intervals. 

All group members are sent an informed consent which mainly consists of two components among other pointers: informed consent and confidentiality. Informed consent says that you are giving your willful consent for your participation in group processes. When you agree to confidentiality, you agree that the information shared in the group will not be shared with anyone outside of the group. As the group facilitators, we ensure complete confidentiality from our side wherein your information stays with the group and is not shared or discussed with anyone outside of the group or with any group member after the group timings. 

Some groups have certain pre-requisites that are to be fulfilled if one is to be successfully admitted into the group. The screening process, which is a short form, collects some basic details and ensures that the group is suitable for you. 

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