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Is Online Therapy for me?

Online Therapy at The Mind Tab can be useful if you are looking for a safe space to talk about your distress and work towards your overall well-being. Online therapy, on average, is as effective as face-to-face therapy (Journal of Technology in Human Services). It can provide quality mental health care without the fear of contamination during this pandemic. People find online therapy extremely convenient and accessible as they can express themselves from the comfort of their homes. The Mind Tab can also be a quick and hassle-free way of finding therapists that are highly qualified and ethically supported. 

The pandemic has opened up people’s view of online therapy throwing light on its many advantages. It is becoming a trusted way of seeking therapy for many. Online therapy can help you address various concerns from the comfort home. Specific concerns that can be addressed through online therapy include: relationship issues, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, parenting, difficulty in sleeping and eating habits, trauma, LGBTQ+ concerns, grief, and more.

Online therapy at The Mind Tab is not suitable if you are under 18 or you currently have active thoughts about ending your life or harming yourself or others or if you are in a crisis that needs immediate care.

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