There might be a lot going on underneath one’s anger. Most of the time, anger and rage is built up as one cannot find a healthy way of expressing their difficult experiences and distress. One might be harsh towards themselves for holding anger or having harsh thoughts. It is important to make space for the anger and process it in a healthy manner.

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A curious and non-judgmental space that explores the underlying circumstances that are contributing to one’s anger
  • It addresses the frustration and guilt one might feel towards themselves for having anger outbursts, thus creating a vicious cycle
  • It also provides the space for individuals to share their hurt, disappointment, guilt, and other challenging emotions, giving them a healthy channel to vent
  • Therapy also helps individuals build high frustration tolerance when their expectations are not met
  • It alters the beliefs that one holds about themselves into more optimistic and empowering ones, thus reducing the distress
  • It works on gradually moving from reacting to a situation to responding to it effectively
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