One might experience anxiety due to traumas in the past/present, challenging life situations, in social situations or as a fear response (phobias). Panic attacks are a more intense experience of anxiety, along with a host of other stressful bodily reactions. The pandemic is causing an increase in the number of people experiencing anxiety for the first time or intensifying pre-existing anxiety. It is important to remember that anxiety is essential and helps us survive and thrive. For example, it facilitates action while taking on new challenges. However, sometimes, it can feel overwhelming and crippling and that is when it becomes important to address it.

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • The space to express one’s struggles without the fear of judgment
  • The place to explore what anxiety means for the individual. This approach creates the much needed space to explore anxiety from one’s unique lens
  • Tools to recognize and manage triggers and difficult bodily sensations that accompany anxiety
  • Interventions that take a closer look at the underlying causes related to your past, lifestyle, and relationships to then process them in a therapeutic manner
  • Provides powerful tools and techniques that help ride the waves of anxiety and gradually move towards a confident and calm life
Important note: Self-diagnosis has become a common occurrence and should be avoided as It can lead to unnecessary anxiety and inaccurate conclusions. It is essential for the individual and the mental health practitioner to take time in understanding the narrative in depth and patiently explore the healing options before arriving at a conclusion.
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