It would be unfair to draw rigid lines and box what depression is. The term depression can be expressed and interpreted on a spectrum, from sadness to extreme despair. How one sees depression would vary depending on their unique experiences. 

In some, depression might look like feeling numb, difficulty in sleeping and eating, loss of interest in activities, loss of energy, and a less hopeful view of oneself and the world. Not finding the means to understand and manage complicated feelings and thoughts might lead to further despair and gradual isolation.

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A safe place to explore what depression means for the individual with curiosity and compassion and without judgments or assumptions
  • Provides space for underlying painful experiences such as trauma, unresolved grief, or lack of validation and support from close relationships
  • The tools to manage rough patches in life and gradually move to a more hopeful view of one-self and the world
Important note: Self-diagnosis has become a common occurrence and should be avoided as It can lead to unnecessary anxiety and inaccurate conclusions. It is essential for the individual and the mental health practitioner to take time in understanding the narrative in depth and patiently explore the healing options before arriving at a conclusion. 
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