The feeling of depression can vary from sadness to extreme despair. How one sees depression would vary depending on their unique experiences. Traumatic experiences or relationships, faced alone without a nurturing adult, especially during childhood, can leave us stuck in survival modes of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn. We often associate the freeze or the numb sensation of the body with depression as a part of us numbs down all the emotions as a way to cope with the overwhelming feelings. 

Therapy can provide the following and much more:

– A non-isolating space where the therapist holds the weight of the sadness along with you, thus making you feel much less alone with your emotions

– The therapist’s presence and guidance can help you feel less anxious within your body which then allows you to relax and explore the deeper concerns

– As you feel calm, connected, and non-judged by your therapist, we process the deeper painful experiences such as trauma, unresolved grief, lack of validation, and support from close relationships, thus moving towards healing

Important note: Self-diagnosis has become a common occurrence and should be avoided as It can lead to unnecessary anxiety and inaccurate conclusions. It is essential for the individual and the mental health practitioner to take time in understanding the narrative in depth and patiently explore the healing options before arriving at a conclusion
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