Existential Concerns

Existential Concerns

Existential concerns or an existential crisis might surface when one is unable to make meaning out of life’s experiences. It gives rise to the ultimate concerns around meaning, death, isolation, responsibilities, and one’s identity.

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A safe space to explore these complex and almost daunting aspects of life, without the fear of judgment
  • A compassionate space that validates the anxiety that comes up while confronting these questions
  • Interventions using existential therapy. Existential therapy is a beautiful journey where one gets in touch with reality to start working with it. Much of the therapeutic work results in forming meaning in life (which is constantly changing), confronting death’s reality, and exploring isolation wherein one is ultimately responsible for creating their own lives. However, this does not mean that one has to be alone or always be self-reliant. On the contrary, it is essential to engage in meaningful relationships that give us the resources to develop, grow, and make choices that improve the quality of life
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