Men’s Issues

Men’s Issues

Men face a lot of unique stressors that might often be overlooked. Due to cultural upbringing, most men might be pressurized to be ‘masculine’ which means not showing weakness in any shape or form. One then internalizes this way of operating and expects themselves to be strong. Bottling up emotions for a long time, especially through the rough patches of life, can lead to mental health concerns such as stress, isolation, anxiety, and depression. Being unable to stay in touch with one’s feelings might pose communication challenges that might interfere with one’s relationships. One might feel immense shame and guilt if the predefined ‘masculine’ roles are not fulfilled. 

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A non-judgmental and compassionate space for one to be their authentic self and explore their struggles
  • An understanding of how socio-cultural factors might be contributing to one’s pressures and how it might lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as shutting down, isolating, and addictions
  • Powerful tools and techniques to explore specific coping mechanisms, self-defeating beliefs, and thoughts to transform them into more helpful and optimistic ones
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