Parenting issues have so many variations and can be different for each individual. Parenting can be challenging and tiring at times. Many parents also take on a lot of pressure to get parenting ‘right’, causing guilt, stress, and anxiety at times. New parents might even feel lost and incompetent between all the unasked pieces of advice. Parenting might also lead to a certain loss of ways in which one used to connect with life before the child was born. Not being able to accept and incorporate this life transition can lead to high stress and relationship issues. The list of parenting issues include financial stress, lack of sleep, making space for relationships, and making space for one’s life. 

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A compassionate and non-judgmental space to share one’s concerns with parenting
  • The much-needed space for the individual to stay in touch with their thoughts and feelings and slowly to head towards self-care practices
  • Conversations that explore what being a ‘good’ parent means for the individual
  • Techniques to identify one’s strengths in the parenting process and adds to their toolbox that leads to more profound and authentic connections with their child, partner, and other relationships
  • Interventions that explore and address difficult emotions such as guilt, excessive sadness, and anger
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