Rejection from a job position, family, friends, or a partner can be a challenging event that is hurtful, even more so if it takes place earlier on in life. The residue from these events might sometimes leak into other areas of life. One can experience rejection in small ways leading to an accumulation of bitter emotions. One might ponder over the event or often jump to conclusions about themselves. Sometimes, this snowballs into depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. 

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A compassionate and non-judgmental space to share one’s painful emotions from rejection
  • Interventions that help one become aware of the self-defeating thoughts that they might be holding, sometimes, long after the event has occurred
  • A place to gain insights into which parts of life are they avoiding due to fear of rejection and provides the techniques needed to face these fears
  • The space to explore how relationships or societal factors might have caused/added to one’s self-defeating beliefs
  • Powerful tools and techniques to alter one’s self-beliefs into more optimistic and empowering ones
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