Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Every relationship has challenges. However, some relationships face intensely painful challenges such as feeling unheard, invalidated, under-appreciated, and unloved by their partner. Large communication gaps might feel frustrating and could often lead to misunderstandings. Relationships might be deprived of authentic connection due to work, household chores, financial stressors, and other life issues. Some might be struggling with issues of emotional/verbal/physical/financial abuse by their partner. 

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A non-judgmental, empathetic, and compassionate space to share one’s struggles
  • The exploration required to help one understand the deep-lying vulnerabilities that an individual holds and how these might be playing out in the relationship
  • Increased self-awareness that leads to increased trust, healthier boundaries, and meaningful relationships
  • Tools and techniques for better communication skills which is a key aspect when navigating relationships
  • A space to explore how other relationships (especially of caregivers) are influencing one’s present relationships

Note: The Mind Tab does not provide couples therapy. Please explore couples therapy if you feel that might be a better option. Individual therapy is a good option when you want to work on yourself. 

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