In a fast-paced world, some amount of stress is unavoidable. Little stress is in fact good to get one going. However, facing high levels of chronic stress can severely impact one’s physical and mental health. Most of us have been taught which tablet to take or which doctor to visit if our physical health is at stake. However, the emotional reasons behind those physical issues rarely get any attention. Stress often develops when one does not have enough resources to cope with the external pressures. The stressors can often be traced to one’s minority status, socioeconomic status, trauma history, work pressure, relationships, or other socio-cultural factors. 

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A safe and non-judgmental place to explore what stress means for the individual. It identifies what triggers the difficult emotions and bodily reactions, and what one can do to cope
  • Tools and techniques that help you relax and make better decisions in life
  • A compassionate space to explore the self-defeating beliefs that one might be holding about themselves. Interventions are then aimed at gradually altering these into empowering ones
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