Women’s Issues

Women’s Issues

Women’s issues have unique stressors given the pre-defined role of women in India. They might face bias, insults, indignities, and put-downs in their everyday life at their workplace, homes, or other environments. This might then accumulate and make it challenging for a woman to engage with life in a meaningful manner. Most women are primary caretakers and have additional household responsibilities. Again, it is often challenging for a woman to find the time and support to take care of her needs due to cultural factors. Women might also endure eating disorders due to the unhealthy beauty standards appreciated by the media and society. They are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety due to various socio-cultural factors and sometimes their physical health concerns. 

Therapy provides the following and much more:

  • A non-judgmental and compassionate space to explore one’s struggles and the difficult emotions that come with it
  • An exploration of how familial or other relationships might have influenced certain behaviors, adding to one’s distress
  • A place to hold and process the negative impact that certain socio-cultural factors have on one’s mental health
  • Interventions that empower individuals to break certain stereotypes and traditional roles that might hamper one to achieve personal goals and live a fulfilling life
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