Psychotherapy or talk therapy helps a person gain insight into their thinking and behavioral patterns, medical conditions, or socio-cultural factors that might be contributing to their distress. It provides powerful tools and techniques that help the individual connect the dots in life and manage on-going emotional distress that might impair daily functioning.

While psychotherapists do not provide direct advice, the process of psychotherapy empowers the individual to make decisions that bring long-lasting positive changes in life. Many psychotherapy approaches have proven to be useful across the years. The psychotherapists at The Mind Tab collaborate with the individual and design a treatment plan that works best for them.

Online Therapy at The Mind Tab can be useful if you are looking for a safe space to talk about your distress and attain insights and tools that empower you to improve your overall well-being. 

Online therapy at The Mind Tab is not suitable if you are:

  • Under 13
  • You have thoughts of harming yourself or others
  • You are in a crisis that needs immediate care
  • You have a severe mental illness that can be better treated by an in-person team of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists
  • You are involved in an active legal court case
  • You are experiencing a heavy dependence on alcohol or drugs

Online therapy, on average, is as effective as face-to-face therapy (Journal of Technology in Human Services). Studies focusing on specific disorders have found that online cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in treating anxiety disorders (Journal of Affective Disorders). Internet-based mindfulness treatment also seems to be effective for anxiety disorders (Behavior Therapy). For depression, cognitive behavioral therapy seems to be effective when delivered online in real-time by a therapist (The Lancent). Overall, online therapy seems to be beneficial in terms of convenience and effectiveness. 

Please feel free to talk to your therapist during your initial assessment if you feel unsure about online therapy.

At The Mind Tab, all therapists are qualified and trained with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a minimum experience of providing 300 in-person hours of psychotherapy. Additional specializations or training in various therapeutic modalities are carefully screened to provide ethical and high quality therapy services.

Click on Get Started on the top right corner. Please fill in all the requested details to schedule your free 15-min initial intake.

  • You will be contacted by a therapist in the time slot that you have selected. The initial intake is held to collect primary details such as name, email address, a brief overview of your concerns, and psychological history.
  • We also schedule your weekly therapy slots during this call.
  • The intake also makes space for any questions that you might have about the therapy process. 

If you choose the chat mode, your initial intake will take place through whatsapp chat on your phone. 

If you choose the phone or video mode, your initial intake will take place on a phone call through the number that you have provided. 

The number of therapy sessions depends on the complexity of your concerns, the commitment you show, and the rate at which you progress. It is essential to understand that therapy is not a quick and magical fix to problems. Few might benefit from a few sessions, whereas others find it helpful to stay in therapy for months or years. The more time and effort you invest in the process, the more fruitful it gets. Please feel free to talk to your therapist if you have any further questions regarding the length of therapy.

We take confidentiality very seriously. The information you provide to us through this website is well protected and seen only by one admin staff member who is highly trained around confidentiality matters. This information is then allocated to your therapist. Any information you provide to the therapist remains between you, your therapist, and your therapist’s supervisor. Confidentiality is only breached when you or people you know are in a life-threatening situation. If you choose the chat mode, please be informed that your chats are immediately deleted by your therapist. Recording phone or video calls is strictly against our policies.

Supervision is a means through which the therapist gains additional insights from the supervisor adding to the richness of the therapy process. The supervisor is likely to be more experienced and specialized thus holding the ability to add to the therapist’s objectivity, skills, and knowledge. Supervision is an essential process that helps maintain quality and ethical standards. 

For individual therapy: The payment has to be completed 48 hours before the therapy session in order to secure the slot. If not, please contact us to rebook your session.

Any cancellations or reschedulings are to be made 48 hours prior to the session to be eligible for a refund.

For Group sessions: They payment has to be completed 48 hours before the session in order to secure your spot in the group. 

Any cancellations are to be made 24 hours prior to the session to be eligible for a refund.

We accept payments through direct deposits and GPay. The payment details will be given to you in the appointment confirmation email.

Yes! Students can avail a 25% discount upon showing a valid student ID.

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